Say hello to you when I am stuck in the present.

Bài viết của mình được lấy động lực từ bài viết của anh Vũ:

+ Kẹt ở hiện tại – Châu Thanh Vũ

+ Gửi những kẻ dám mơ

Bản thân mình đang nghĩ rằng mình có thể viết điều gì cho những dòng blog dưới đây. Dạo này mình không viết cậu ạ, mình chẳng biết viết gì nữa. Mỗi lần viết thì những con chữ lại lộn xộn lung tung hết lên, câu chẳng thể vào với câu được nữa.

Có thể mình sẽ viết điều gì đó kết thúc lại năm 2018 chăng?

Good bye 2018

I asked my friends for 9 keywords for my post then they are:

+ Hỗ trợ (Support); Bình tĩnh (Calm); Quan sát (Observe)

+ Hiện tại (Now); Sự thật (Truth); Ý chí (Willpower)

+ Tự tin (Confidence); Mạnh mẽ (Strength); May mắn (Fortune)

I did not know what they mentioned is a verb or noun but I chose as I wrote upstair for a combination.

And this is my opinion about 9 words.

  1. About Support, Calm and Observe.

They are 3 verbs.

  • Support: My life in 18 years was supported by my family. I am proud of my parents, my elder brother. My parents are farmers in a small village, exactly to say only my mom works in the field and my father works as a worker and manager in a Wooden Company.
  • My mom works hard every day in the field and she tries to save money for me and my brother to go to university. She hopes that one day both of them will have a better life than her. Sometimes I feel angry with her attitude because in my opinion, she is “tiết kiệm quá”. My mom has a lot of clothes for many years or a part of them she had received from my aunts. I understood why she did that, it is because of us. I had a childhood with a lot of difficult about clothes and food. It can be called “having enough food to eat and having enough clothes to keep warm”. And it can interpret for what I wear and what I eat now. My brother scream at me: Why you are an adult but you don’t know how to make you look better.” Yub, I know that but I don’t think it is necessary for this time or at least I don’t have money to buy this because I am depending on my parents. Sometimes, I and my brother buy new things for my mom, it is my parents’ money but it still okay :v.  I know she was happy about it.
  • My father has worked far from home since I was a little child, maybe when I was 2 so we don’t have much time to share with him about my daily life. Until now, when I am an adult I don’t know what I can talk to him. I realized this problem when I was in secondary school. You can imagine that in early of 2000s phone is something really expensive and my father could call my mom some times per week and of course, I did not know how to talk with him so times I talked to him can count on fingertips. When he came home, we ate together but I did not know how to talk with him better then after a long time I tried to make our conversation more funny by joke or something like that. Everybody said I was a fastidious girl and it was unbelievable when I did it. Time flies so fast and I finally became an adult. My father talked to me and my brother many times that he believed in us and they gave us the right to choose to do anything. I know that my dad felt upset for what I did but he did not say anything to me. He gave me the right to choose and take the responsibility for it.
  • Calm and Observe: Mediation can keep me calm. 2018 I had learnt how to keep calm before “shocked situation”. Breath in, breath out… I am living. 2018, I talked less and observe more as I can. I did not judge at the first time, I did not say when I felt it has some things wrong, I listened to them. 2 words remind me about: Chanh niem. Peaceful from the mind and some Chicken soup for the soul.

-> A song: Hom nay ta ve day

Tinh lang mot chut, doi nhe nhang hon

Duong o phia truoc, buoc di con dai

Than tam an lac, buoc di cham lai

Du o phia nao, tam van theo sau.


          2. Now, Truth and Willpower.

  • “Now” reminds me of “The power of now”. We should concentrate on “now”, on what we have and try for every moment. This afternoon I think about this quote:”If this day is the last day in your life.” I am scared about the future, I can’t believe about my ability then I do nothing to create my life. I down in the dump.
  • Onething more that I am too much concern about the past, I can go through of it, I remember memories and it prevents me from moving forward. I am lost in nostalgia. In that time, I think a lot about C500, and I swear that thinking of him makes me crazy, I don’t know why I want to see him although I know that between us there will have nothing to come. Maybe because of the last tarot reading so I spent too much time to think about it. Sis Bao Bao talked to me that when I concentrate on studying, something then happened without efforts. It comes as naturally. The monk in Tay Thien told us how to forget it. He said that you remembered it because you think about it, put it down, don’t mention it in your life so you will never think about it so you can forget it. Something is not deserved for you to remember. Past is past and time will fly. So I decide to ignore this feeling. I deserve better things than it.

-> A song support it: Let her go – Passenger

  • Truth: I lied a lot in my life, and they were seeds I sew in the past and I am ready for consequence.
  • Willpower: the magical thing I am trying to catch it. Willpower and Discipline are two qualities which a succeed people need to have. My laziness with my low willpower prevent me from moving. Idol is idol. She is amazing but I decided to unfollow her for a long time because I keep me peaceful.
  • I don’t have many friends in my life and my whole life swing around surf web, eat and sleep. Only this. Willpower will save my life.

A song: Pretty Girl – Maggie Lindemann

    3.    Confidence, Strength and Fortune.

  • Confidence: I am not a confident girl, of course. I feel inferiority about my body but I did nothing. Yub, always confidence can lead you into a better world. I can’t blame for I am a libra. It is not fair. It is my flow. And I know one of you feel unconfident too. Look at yourself and ask him/her the reason why?
  • A song: Fight Song – Rachen Platten
  • 49784253_331745537432849_3004160328826093568_o

From the time I came into university, I still feel like it but it is not bad as the first time. Having for you better-fit clothes and makeup:> you look beautiful than ever. Confident because you are you.

  • Strength: I am not a strong also a brave girl. I don’t dare to go, I don’t dare to dream and make it come true. But believe me, inside that body, in our mind, we are strong because we are here, at this time. We save ourselves, we live.

A song: Stronger – Kelly Clarkson


  • And Finally: Fortune: Yah, my life full of fortunes. Because I have a happy family who always supports me. My parents love me and they never force me to do hard work, they support me without requiring back. I have the best education in my parents’ ability.
  • Always I am fortune girl.

A song: All my life



In the last word, maybe I am in stuck present but I believe in myself. May all we will be fine. One day, if you see me, say “hello”.

My 2018 full of ups and downs but it was okay.

#Dixie January 6th 2019

I will add my plan in soon time.